Active Membership:

Democratic Veterans, Active Duty (AD) Service Members, and Members of the Reserve/Guard living in & near Williamson County, TX are eligible for Active membership. Veteran/Military status will be verified upon application for membership.

Associate Membership:

The Spouse/Partner of an Active member is eligible for Associate Membership at the request of the Active member. Democratic Widows and Widowers of a military member with a military id card are eligible for Associate Membership. Other applicants will be considered by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis.

Applications and Dues:

Membership Applications are available during membership meetings. Annual Dues are $15 plus $1 surcharge for card use; the membership year is July 1-June 30th. Remember to bring an ID to verify Veteran status* (message us if you have questions about proving Veteran status).

*Annotated Driver’s License is acceptable.